Guitar Amplifiers DV Mark

Like for Markbass, we put all our knowledge and style in this brand, to give to Guitarist the best amplifiers and cabinets they deserve.

Guitar Amplifiers DV Mark

The first time Marco thought of making a guitar amplifier was when the top guitar player Hiram Bullock asked him: Marco, why don’t you realize something for us guitar players?

Marco with his collaborators, experience, desire to innovate began to make the first prototype of amps for guitar players, under the name of Mark Guitar:

and for Hiram Bullock they realized the first little, light, portable heads, the forefather of DVMark products

After this first experience, several years passed, years made of studies of sound, meeting with more and more artists. Years characterized by mixing together Markbass experience with new knowledge and new technologies.  After these years of research and development DVMark was ready to spread its wings in the world of guitar amplifiers. Marco with his team had realized an amazing complete series of products for guitar players made with neodymium speakers, material hindered and criticized at the beginning but in which Marco has always believed. 

The new series of amplifiers must have had the same quality, passion for innovation which characterized all Markbass products, and today the philosophy is always the same!

Today our products lines are appreciated by many artists around the world. One of the major pros of our products is the respect for the classic tones with the use of the newest technology

The DV newest products are more performing under the point of view of power, because our philosophical choice is to use higher power for higher dynamics, as happens with Eric Gales’s head

The evolution brings DVMARK at the actual series: little, lightweight, portable heads, with an amazing sound and at the collaboration with some of the best guitar players in the world such as: Greg Howe, Dean Brown, Eric Gales, Corrado Rustici, Frank Gambale, Ciro Manna, and so on.

Also thanks to the continuous collaboration with them Marco and his team continue developing and improving DVMark products.

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