Chris Morrissey

Chris Morrissey is a songwriter, a bassist, a singer, a music director, a leo, an uncle, a lover of most cats and some dogs, a New Yorker, a Minnesotan, a yoga practicer, a wino, a restaurant frequenter, and joke teller/appreciator. As a bassist, he’s logged hundreds of thousands of miles touring five continents with Norah […]

Roberto Pascucci

Roberto Pascucci started playing guitar and bass very young; then, he started playing also double bass, under the guidance of Massimo Moriconi, Stefano Scodanibbio and Alfredo Trebbi. He is specialized in 7 string bass, piccolo bass and 5 string double bass. Jazz/Fusion trained musician, during his activity he has however played a moltitude of genres […]

Ruby Golden Tiger

Ruby Golden Tiger (Ruby Adams) is an 11-year old electric bassist from Boston, Massachusetts. At age 7, she discovered her Dad’s electric bass and instantly wanted to learn how to play. Once she played her first notes, she was hooked. Now she enjoys learning and performing songs from classic soul and funk artists, playing gigs […]

Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker is a professional bassist from Newcastle, UK. She was introduced to bass at a very early age due to her father David Walker and has held that passion ever since. She has grown a large following via social media at the time of the pandemic posting videos of her playing bass. This has now […]

Joe Ayoub

Joe Ayoub is a Los Angeles based musician and has worked with Shakira, Miley Cyrus, Melissa Etheridge, Enrique Iglesias, Liz Phair, Leonard Cohen, The American Idol House Band and many others. “The Markbass Mini CMD 121P IV combo is such a special and useful piece of gear.”—says Joe—“I’ve never owned an amp that small that […]

Ilaria Capalbo

Stockholm-based Italian bassist/composer Ilaria Capalbo is a fast rising star on the international jazz scene. Equally at ease building hard-swinging lines and improvising on the whole spectrum of the instrument, she is gifted with a nuanced musicality which makes her a sought-after session musician. Her rich bass tone, nimble phrasing and thoughtful melodicism are the foundations on […]

Bruno Ramos

Born in 1982 and lulled by music of various styles and horizons, then nourished by his practice of several instruments (piano, accordion, bandoneon, guitar, bass, double bass …), Bruno Ramos is a hyperactive, creative musician, and in the service of music that can be found in several roles: – United Guitars with Frank Gambale, Jean Marie Ecay, Jon Grandcamp, Richard Daudé… – Bassiste […]

Antonio Ieva

Antonio Ieva was born in Ludwigsburg (Germany) on November 1976,  in a family where music has always played a big role.His brothers, father and grandpa are/were also musicians.With German and southern Italian roots, which of course makes him particularly happy about the MARKBASS endorsement. 1988 was the beginning for Antonio to learn the best instrument […]

Keira Kenworthy

Keira was born in Melrose, Scotland, daughter of a rock drummer. Keira picked up the bass in her early teens and then went on to study at the Leeds College of music. She has been dubbed the ‘mistress of groove’ and her playing style has been developed from her diverse influences including James Jamerson, Andy […]

Kevin Walker

Baltimore’s renowned songwriter, bassist and producer Kevin Walker has been performing with some of music’s most popular artists on the scene today. Kevin started his professional career at 14 years old in 1984 touring with the legendary Wilson Picket & the Midnight Movers. He has remained in the spotlight for the last twenty years performing […]

Simone Pagani (Pinguini Tattici Nucleari)

Born in 1991, Simone started studying guitar at seven years old. He then discovered the bass guitar around the age of thirteen, and fell in love with it immediately. After studying it at the CDPM Academy of Bergamo, Simone attended the Conservatory of Milan and the Conservatory of Como, where he had the chance to […]

Davide Carusone

Davide Carusone is a very young guitar talent born in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Italy, in 2008.

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