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The Mark World has always rotated around music, and as its main protagonists, the musicians.
For more than 10 years we have continually listened to them; to understand their needs, find the best solutions to those needs, and then go yet beyond. To achieve this, we created a product line that today is a standard in the world's music market in more than 50 countries.

Although amplification for music is at the core of our product range, what we create extends much further.
The new brand, MARKWORLD, completes this process and joins the other Parsek family brands: Markbass, DV Mark, Markaudio, Mark Drum and Musician World.

One of our top-endorsers, Cliff Hugo (Supertramp) said this about us: “You transfer the quality of your people into the products you make!” This is the most important thing−the quality must be at the centre, together with customer satisfaction.


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